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The assessment is followed by the development of a care plan, with the input of family members.

The case manager arranges for appropriate services and does ongoing monitoring and adjustment to ensure proper care.

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The program identifies employment opportunities for older persons whose incomes place them at or below the federal poverty level; who are unemployed or underemployed; or who have difficulty finding a job.

Adults in the program generally work an average of 20 hours a week, receiving at least minimum wage.

Many of these services are available at no charge from legal services programs.

In other cases, private attorneys have agreed to accept reduced fees for referred elderly clients.

Older persons with a legal problem should contact their local AAA for more information.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Adults 55 and above are working throughout the state through assistance from the Senior Community Service Employment Program.Nutrition (Congregate and Home Delivered Meals) - The Older Adult Nutrition Program (OANP) provides a well-balanced meal which includes no less than one-third of the nutrient-based Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for older adults and follows the food-based Dietary Guidelines for Older Americans.The OANP provides fellowship for the 29 percent of seniors who participate in congregate meal programs at senior center sites and vital nutrition for the 71 percent of frail elderly residents whose meals are delivered to their homes.Their programs focus on health maintenance, prevention/intervention and rehabilitation needs of older adults capable of only limited self-care.The centers care for adults four or more hours a day while their family members work or enjoy a respite from their role as caretaker.This service is provided at no cost to the older person, although contributions are solicited to help expand the availability of the service.