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It finally went off the air on July 4th, 1945.service. (Picturepost, same date.)I heard the first ever broadcast (but a very weak signal) from AFN London in June. Programs quite dominated by cabaret and swing.(DX 716) Sunday June 10th, 1945: AFN Paris was heard at 0100 hours (SNT) with English news and ID.The Allied Expeditionary Forces programme radiated on 583 k Hz, from D-Day June 6th, 1944 at 0600, with the signature tune Oranges and Lemons, utilizing Start Point in Devon,which previously had transmitted the General Forces programme on 877 in a synchronized group. Later however the signal increased so (although we did not know why) presumably because of local relay / repeater stations. At 01.05 there was an ID in English, before both the Star-Sprangled Banner and the Marseillase followed.

In the interview he talks in great detail about the 5th Army Mobile Radio Station and what he did during the war.You can listen to it here: The 5th Army Mobile Radio Station was created to boost morale amongst the troops.Is there any way to avoid AFN’s monopolistic reach into our psyches?Yes, but it requires buying Asian satellite TV and playing your i Pod through your car radio (I do both).On March 17th, 1948, AFN Stuttgart signed on the air, and in 1949 AFN Bremen moved north, and changed its name to AFN Bremerhaven.

On Jan.28th, 1950, AFN Nuernberg started broadcasting from the Grand hotel in downtown Nuernberg.

This is the Allied Expeditionary Forces Programme of the BBC transmitting on 514 metres. It remained there until the Copenhagen plan was implemented. It re-entered service in February 1953, on 1295 k Hz, and broadcast the BBC programmes until 1962. Programmes: 6 Daily Newscasts, The 1700 Club, Tango Fantasia, Rhythm Almanac, For Men Only,(Weekday programs)Round the Records,(Sat.) Bob Boyles Breakfast Club, Family Favourites.(Sun)On June 8th, 1945, AFN Munich signed on the air and was soon followed by AFN Frankfurt on July 15th, 1945.

On July 28th, 1945, AFN Bremen began broadcasting to US personnell in Northern Germany and on August 4th, AFN Berlin joined the network...

AFN should realize that they could, instead, focus on the glass being half-full – or at least say the dangerous thunderstorm is filling our collective cup. Encourage AFN to deliverer a more balanced and multi-dimensional point of view. Until our leadership wakes up and pays more attention to the critically small details of life overseas, nothing will really change.

AFN is a mega, government-corporation with entrenched GS civilians and military officers who believe in their own silly rhetoric.

Members were inducted into the club whenever they performed or their song was requested to play on the program. History and operation.(1943)a August 1944 American Expeditionary Station. By 1956, six stations had been established to serve air bases from Metz, France, and army bases from Werl, Germany.