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LATM: What is your most memorable travel experience (good or bad)?

AL: Two years ago I went to the French Alps to watch my boyfriend ride his bike on Alpe d’Huez for the 100 anniversary of the Tour de France and then we went on a yacht to Monte Carlo, St. It was such a decadent, luxurious trip and I’ve never come home more exhausted (in a good way) from a vacation!

We’ve done this with Hong Kong followed by Koh Samui, Rome followed by Santorini, and London and Florence followed by the Amalfi Coast.

For me, this is a perfect balanced vacation because you get it all – the action excitement the relaxation serenity.

LATM: What is your go to work out while traveling/on the road? If there aren’t any trails nearby, I just rely on walking everywhere all day for my workout because that’s the best way to see a place.

When there are great places to hike, I usually start every day with a long 1-2 hour hike.

We have a lot of the same interests and are always excited for new adventures and exploring wherever we are.

He really knows how to enjoy life, which has taught me to slow down and truly be wherever we are without needing to be so connected to my work life back home.

AL: When I have a shorter amount of time away from work we spend a lot of weekends driving up the coast to Santa Barbara and Big Sur, which is such a great way to see California.

If I have more than a couple days we usually plan a trip abroad because we love to take full advantage of any free chunks of time to travel.

She also teased that a new brand is on the horizon. Libations having held marketing roles with Boxed Water and organic energy brand Little Miracles.

Elsewhere, Matthew Collins, a former chief operating officer and executive vice president of sales at Zola, has joined San Francisco-based cold-pressed juice company Forager as its chief revenue officer. Libations has hired Laura Sauls as the vice president of marketing for its in-house brand Aloe Gloe. She also worked as a marketing associate with coconut water brand Zico from 2010-2014.

It’s the most mind clearing, cathartic thing in the world!