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Another constituent, who lives near Somerset Market Place but asked not to be named, believes the present Government deserves another chance.

She said they have a reasonable amount of irons in the fire and should be allowed to use these to continue with whatever progress they seem to have made.

She added that this has left residents, including schoolchildren, stranded and raising the issue with both candidates hasnt made a difference.With a longstanding alliance to the PLP, she had already made up her mind to vote for them although she said it almost came down to choosing the lesser evil.But she described Mr Scott as very approachable, and pointed to the events he hosts for families in the area twice a year.As an educator in the public school system, she also said she had no confidence in how the OBA administration had handled problems within the education system.They really need to focus on the community-based youth who are growing up now, the 28-year-old said.

Go to the schools and listen to some of the ideas that the children have.One couple, who used to own a business in Dockyard, said getting the bus to the Watford Bridge area from Dockyard had always been an issue, especially in the evenings. He said they had tried their best in the past five years and added that they also did a good job with the Americas Cup.They also had strong views on the candidates, with the wife, who also asked not to be named, saying she had not seen Mr Charlton since the last election day. If the PLP was in power, we would not have gotten to host the Americas Cup.He was also suspected of encouraging republicanism in those places.He joined the Bermuda Company in 1615 as one of the Gentlemen Adventurers who invested to colonize Bermuda.Sandys was knighted the same year but his royal favor was withdrawn when it was noted he had nonconformist sympathies.