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Contact [name of provider] for information regarding which jurisdictions are included.The criminal background check for each member would have to be updated at least once every 90 days by the online dating service provider.The only way to verify a persons identity, and therefore his or her criminal background, is by a fingerprint check or DNA test.

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The bill would define criminal background check to mean a search of a persons felony and sexual offense convictions by one of three listed methods.The bill would apply to online dating service providers in the business of offering, promoting, or providing access to dating, relationship, compatibility, matrimonial, or social referral services primarily through the Internet and that provide services to Michigan residents.Obviously, no system is perfect, and not all felons or sex offenders would be accurately identified, but the bill represents an important first step in providing increased safety to Michigan residents who chose to seek companionship through an online service.Against: Most people are not familiar with the differences between the different methods of conducting a criminal background check in order to fully understand and appreciate the warnings required by the bill that would be posted on a service providers webpage.Michigan joins at least two states (Texas and Ohio) in introducing legislation to address this concern.

THE CONTENT OF THE BILL: The bill would create a new act to require online dating services to conduct criminal background checks and/or disclose certain notices as well as provide civil remedies.

But, perhaps more prohibitive than the cost would be the time necessary to complete the background checks.

The FBI generally completes a fingerprint check for civil purposes in 24 hours, but that is from the time the prints are received.

For each member, it would be at the current rate ( for the Michigan Department of State Police to check the state database and for the FBI portion).

Since the bill would require the background checks to be updated every 90 days, it would be over 0 a year per member.

Moreover, an online dating service provider would have to establish a policy on what actions it would take as a result of information obtained through a criminal background check.