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Another B-26 crashed in Whitehorse, where it now lies buried under the runway.

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He had passed over town heading south, but turned back due to the darkness.

The Icelandic River was a well know commercial floatplane base at the time.

"In my career, as a Canadian Flight Service Specialist, I have been involved in SAR operations many times.

This involved co-ordinating with the canadian military Search and Rescue out of Trenton and Victoria.

An average of one plane tying up at the dock every six minutes, 16 hours a day, all summer long. That sure is great country for a man to make a living." provided the details, almost a year later (Dec.2014).

Found FBA-2C CF-SON crashed just north of the town of Riverton MB Canada. George added: "the crash was about a half mile east of the Icelandic river, by the sea plane base." wrote the definitive answer to this: "The Found that crashed north of Riverton was trying to land in the Icelandic River (in Riverton) after dark.

The salvaged B-26 was part of a flight of six Siberia-bound aircraft that set out in January 1942.

The crew was quickly rescued, the wrecked plane was stripped for parts and, when the spring melt came, it broke through the ice and sank to the bottom.

Several years ago, private salvagers pulled a P-39 Airacobra out of Carpenter Lake, NWT, but were stopped by government officials before they reached the US border. After a year of legal wranglings, the Airacobra was successfully transferred to a US-based restoration facility.

More than 7.000 US-built planes were flown through the Yukon en route to the Soviet Union during the WW2.

The 2 others are being restored at sites in Pima, California, and Akron, Ohio.