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His wife and fellow CSI, Lindsay Monroe, maintained a steadfast belief that he would teach their daughter to play baseball and dance at her wedding, and was proven at least probably correct.

By the fourth episode he was taking physical therapy.

It is later learned that the brothers' relationship was permanently scarred by the events of a single night in 1991.

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Due to Danny's DNA appearing on an old cigarette butt at the crime scene, Mac is forced to temporarily revoke Danny's badge until Danny is proven innocent.Though hurt, Danny understood why and obliges without complaint. The show's character work is probably its strongest aspect, with multi-season arcs for several of the characters, particularly Mac, Danny, and Lindsay.The cast is full of slightly messed up characters, all the way from Mac down to Adam.By the fifth episode, he was walking again, albeit with the aid of a cane.

Later episodes show Danny to be walking normally, though occasionally affected by fatigue and stress.Note: Due to the way TV Tropes' custom title database works, to link to this page, type Series/.It has been implied that Danny grew up on Staten Island (like the actor), in a family of law enforcers and law breakers (as is suggested in the episode "Tanglewood")of italian origin (messer is a obsolete italian title).When Danny protested, Louie called him a disgrace and told him to leave.It was later revealed that Louie deliberately sent Danny away to prevent any involvement in the subsequent murder of that drug dealer (episode 220, "Run Silent, Run Deep").The cold case is eventually solved, but Louie is beaten into a coma by the remaining members of the Tanglewood Boys.