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In 20, Sushar played as the leading character, Pie, in the Thai lesbian films, Yes or No and Yes or No 2, with Suppanad Jittaleela.

In 2013, she was given the role of Yoon or Choi Eun-suh (originally played by Song Hye-kyo) in the Thai remake of the Korean drama Autumn in My Heart, in which the male leading role was assumed by Jesdaporn Pholdee.

Sushar completed high school at Suranaree School in her hometown, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.She then studied performing arts at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok, from which she graduated with a second-class honours degree. Me and my partner really like and enjoyed watching YON. That's why we try to find in the internet the part 2 of YON. Im blur when im thinking of you...u make me smile Aom..thnks a lot Aom.not easy to make people smile n smile n smile...u so pretty...everyday i'll see your pic..u .love love..... together with my sister we will be one of your fans. I watched Yes or No for several times, but I never get tired of replaying those scenes just to see Ms. Watching YON 1 & YON 2 was feel me out of stress on work, Love the movie so much it seems that it served as my anti-stress pill, Daily i watching it and shared to my friends to watch it too, hopefully YES or No 3 will come up, can't wait for it, I was felt in-love after watching the movie, The movie was inspirational knowing when you truly want success in life, terms of love, career you'll never get up on it. I love the natural acting of Aom, its so real because we did act like that in our daily life, i mean the way she acts around her friend and her face expression. Well after watching this movie, it makes me realized that homo is not something wrong (though I'm not a homo), but the way they develop their feelings are just like how normal couple would experience except they didn't live the same dorm during college life. For women who didn't understand this feelings, imagine Peter Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are gay. ^^ Hi Aom, You know i have watched YON and YON2 for so many times. Hi Pie, i just want you to know that in my 25 years of existence, the day i saw you was the day i only realized what is my greatest dream in life..that is, to be able to see you, even if i can't able to touch and hold you, seeing you would be enough pie... love u lots hi sucharat manaying Im not sure if you know how to speak english or you understand what im saying now but all I want to say im dieying fall in love with you,because of you im desperate to learn to speak your language and go there in thailand just only to see you personaly. It's really a bad feeling being ostracized being a lesbian but if the feeling is mutual between two girls it felt right and good. And it's a cute love story with a touch of reality. Aom...seriusly im speachles when i saw u in YON...u make me in good mood...u bring to fantasy world...i cant imagine if i see u in front face to face.from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is something made me dream of going to Thailand and search for her. So hey, keep up the movie and inspired more people to be open minded and don't outcast those around them who is a homo. XD Though it's a waste if two pretty like each other. YON 2 is such a nice movie but i really enjoyed YON 1 more 'coz it hapened to me during my college days. i've watched it many times and i'll never get boring watching it.. i mean the feeling to love the same gender..but, it is natural comes from they heart like a syndrome. i know its far from reality but i'm still hoping that i could meet you personally.maybe it could be happen when you get here in i'd love to see and stare at your sweet and angelic face.maybe i'll be stuck for joy.i'd love to have a conversation with you,maybe you're "makulet"hehe. i thought i will n0t fall inl0ve again after my breakup with my ex- but when i watch yes 0r n0 1 and 2., i can’t help falling inl0ve again, y0ur the best AOM.., “pie” wish i c0uld find s0me0ne like y0u. I totally am in love with full house much more then the korean.... I almost cant stand one day if i dont see yr photo and watch yr movie/song once. jub jub jub jub 1000 times:) i love you muah2x tsup2x.

I totally like you'r style especially you'r hair.... I used to comment on yr photos in IG and i am waiting for yr cmt back..i kn u cant reply all yr fan.... im now being serious in this matter,hi aom my sister and i love your movies,with tina,now we are already a very big fan of yours,hope you'll have a fan tour here in the PHILIPPINES,especially here in NEGROS ORIENTAL PHILIPPINES.. I thank you.i'm hoping that people in the world would understand the situation of being engage with this...

well someday i'm gonna meet u in person.ur like an "ANGEL" to me that every time i see ur picture or movie, i feel relieve and forget all worries.. GOD BLESS u always and take good care of ur health.. I saw your update on instagram and I'm very touched. Aom was so different, there is something on her I cant forget since I saw her on a movie, I cant confirm if it is her smile, eyes, nose, face, her every move, everything about her is wat makes me confused why I cant forget that angelic face. Nothing is impossible as long as you re happy stay on it. because i know that they don't want such that feeling they had. trying to break the taboo and silence about people who DO exist.

when i first watch ur movie YON, ur beauty is in there.i mean is, the way u act, talk and walk, ur cute smile, everything of u, i love it.. I hope there will be part 3 :) and I also hope to see you here in the Philippines. with love It was my first time to watch the movie titled Yes or No, it was also my first time to have seen Ms. I used to be attracted to those girls like Crystial Liu, but Ms. :) But, it inspires to those who has same sex relationship. What matters most is when you are both love each other and respect. i hope to see some more of these, because the world knows so little about the tom-dee culture in thailand or generally about tomboys in asia.

whoever they like is their business and not any stranger's- or fan's who go into delusional stage and fear sth that doesn't necessary have to be true. this movie become more amazing coz the production house have deleted some scene coz in my opinion, when i watched the deleted from kissing scene, i feel uncomfortable with the bed scene when it deleted, the kissing scene feel so romantic n sweet ^_^ fighting!!

or maybe call me tom for liking you AOM If pie read this comment. good morning to the previous poster: it is just a movie and not a reflection of the main cast. feels not boring and i also cry,laugh,smile everytime i see this movies.

^_^ We can wait for this year :) Such a wonderfull movie yes or no. They just showing that being in relationship with he same sex didnt matters. i hope to see any director's cut or full version of this soon, so i can see the director's full masterpiece. aom can still find a man who really cute or gentle, also tina could get cooler man than herself.