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I can remember how much fun it was shooting with her, and chilling on the set at various hotels having all night chats.

My situation ended up taking a very unexpected turn. The first person I spoke with was absolutely horrified about the situation.She asked to see the emails and ended up calling her boss into our meeting.Her boss told me that I had nothing to worry about, to continue wearing the maternity clothing I had, and that my job was not on the line.My boss “apologized” about a week later with all kinds of qualifications.So, some of the bodybuilding girls in the USA that do g/g erotica traveled up to Vancouver and shot with her.

My source revealed to me that she is, in fact, no longer training, and looks nothing like a bodybuilder any longer, and she is remarried and started a new business outside the adult industry.She apparently was in Florida, and her brother asked her to be a mule to transport back some Royal Hashish into Canada. I know nothing about drugs or hashish, so I asked her how much, and she told me about 100 pounds, which had a street value of over a million bucks.She had tried fervently to apply for waivers and such through the Canadian government, but it seemed that the cards were stacked against her after becoming a felon she would never be able to compete in the USA, which essentially killed her bodybuilding future.This site is for adults who wish to chat anonymously with like minded grown ups.There is no advertising, basic membership to this chat site is free and our chat is old school internet 1.0 style free chat rooms.The apology didn’t feel very genuine but I let it go. While I was out on maternity leave (I had a baby girl!