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Anything new in your life means that you’re having to make the choice to give up something else.Now you have to weigh the value of in your day to day life and start deciding what’s a priority and what’s not.You know one of the things I hear the most when I’m teaching people about what it takes to get better at dating?

When you’re thinking about it in the abstract, it all seems doable – learn a few things, practice a couple tricks and .

Self-improvement isn’t about doing things all at once, it’s about “what you’re doing today”.

Which means more to you: playing video games, or getting to that finish line?

Spending time with your friends, or spending time training?

You’re going to have your dream career as a game designer, cranking out the next AAA title that’s going to be the talk of E3!

But none of that’s going to happen unless you actually You know: all the hard work and literally thousands of hours of effort it takes to actually achieve your dreams. To give a personal example: for a very long time, I wanted to be a professional freelance artist – writing and drawing comics, creating storyboards for movies, book covers, the works! I had a website, a kick-ass portfolio and gumption to spare.

So instead, you look to your “free time” – those hours that you haven’t committed to somebody else.

If you’re going to train for that marathon, you’re going to have to decide what you willing to give up.

The little things you do on a daily basis add up, and quicker than you’d think. People tend to look at writing books as a monumental task – it’s something that only a rarefied few can do.

Carving out some space in your day, and just putting in the work means that you’ll get to where you want to go. When I tell people that I’ve written did I manage to crank out 200,000 words?

I’m just saying that this week), I’m making the conscious decision that playing a video game was more important to me than getting eight hours of sleep.