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But all of the humour is as cheap as it can be, merely laughing at stupid behaviour rather than mining much genuine comedy out of the situation.

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However, Jeff is visited by his two best friends, who he has known forever, on his birthday night determined to drag him out for a night of fun, frolics and fraternisation with females.Predictably, the night turns into chaos as the three boys' antics spin out of control and Jeff finds himself being attacked by girls at a slumber party, drinking himself into a vomit soaked stupor, running through the streets in ladies underwear and having a run in with the cops.As Barry grew older, he took his passion on as a profession and became a fulltime pilot flying routine trips from one city to another.When he’s approached by the CIA to become a freelance pilot on their behalf Barry finds it hard to refuse the lure of spy life.Our three chuckleheads are party-boy Miller (Teller), smart-guy Casey (Astin) and their pal Jeff Chang (Chon), who is turning 21 at midnight.

This prompts Miller and Casey to propose a night of drunkenness to celebrate his legal drinking age in style.

Wright most recently co-starred in the NBC sitcom Marry Me.

Eric Christian Olsen is a low-key guy, so it makes sense that he was taken aback by the outpouring of emotion from his friends at his June 23 nuptials with Sarah Wright.

But Jeff has his med school interview in the morning, so they have to sneak past his terrifying dad (Chau) to have just one drink together.

Unsurprisingly, this drink turns into an epic bar crawl, culminating in Jeff's unconsciousness.

“A lot of my buddies were crying,” the star, 35, recently told PEOPLE with a surprised look on his face at the Television Critics Association summer tour in Beverly Hills. ’ ” But as his small-screen costar Daniela Ruah puts it, “It was so wonderful.