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Our relatively untouched natural environment offers beautiful oceanscapes, big skies and green spaces to enjoy. Bird Watching Seventy-seven species of resident, seasonal and migratory birds can be found on Big Tancook Island.Some of the rare and exciting birds occasionally seen here include the Indigo Bunting, the House Wren, Tanagers and the Northern Parula.If you’re spending a night on the island at the Bed and Breakfast or with a friend, the sunrise over Southeast Cove is something worth getting up early for.

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If you hike along the edge of the woods you will likely see numerous Warblers, Sparrows and Finches.Boreal Chickadees, Brown Creepers, Woodpeckers and White-winged Crossbills can also be spotted in the coniferous trees.If you’re very lucky you might even see a Great Horned Owl.Over the pastures and open fields you might see large Hawks and even Bald Eagles, who hunt rabbits, mice and other small creatures.Beaches The pepper sand of Southeast Cove Beach is warmed by the tides rising over the sand bars that extend 200 meters from shore into the ocean. There are picnic tables and some seating available for visitors on the ocean side of the seawall. Just past Southeast Cove is an interesting rocky beach called “Gravel Cove” where the rounded stones pop and gurgle as the waves wash in and out.

On the way to Gravel Cove, check out the intriguing tubular and bubble-like formations in the flat, rocky outcrops that stretch into the ocean.

Photography Tancook Island has unlimited photo opportunities.

The colours and textures of the natural environment are breathtaking and exquisite.

Around 1900, islanders livelihoods transitioned as they moved from the land to the sea, and fishing became the primary industry.

Many visitors feel that they are stepping back in time as they tour our island.

Rest Areas We have rest areas located at various scenic and historic locations around the island.