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Alright alright, I know most of you are here for the pics, so I will keep this short and to the point. In fact, the internet has completely changed the game.

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All about the body language😉 But had so much fun playing one of my favorite courses in Arizona, the Legacy Golf Club. #legacy #firsttake A video posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on Growing up, I was bullied a lot because I had short hair, was dorky, and had asthma.

I was constantly made fun of and did not have any friends.

Here are the five biggest changes to porn since you first tried to hide that dial-up modem sound in the 90’s.

Production value Long gone are the days of the wide establishing shot before the money shot. Smartphones and the internet have really pushed this new “fad” into the new norm.

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Seriously, smart phone bathroom stall = keeping your job!

Anyway, since 2010, there has been an astronomical 1,424% increase in mobile pr0n viewership.

I know a lot of kids have and are going through the same thing now. I don’t condone bullying in any form and will never understand why some people choose to be so cruel to others.

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