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This position is known in the Strap-On Missionary Strap-on missionary sex can be done by all genders and orientations, not just by two people with vaginas (although that's awesome).

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Assisted Missionary To change the angle of penetration during missionary sex, try placing a pillow under your partner’s bum.

You don't need to buy a pillow made specially for sex; just grab one lying around your bed.

nothing boring about having missionary sex in your butt.

Compared to the doggy-style version of sex typically associated with anal, missionary anal sex can take a bit more maneuvering, but it's well worth it (to help get the angle right, it might be helpful to place a pillow under the receiver).

Pro tip: If you're doing anal missionary with someone who has a vagina, never switch from butt to vagina without a proper washing.

That's how yeast and urinary tract infections are made!

All you have to do is tie up the arms of the receiving partner over their head.

You can use a pair of sex handcuffs or go DIY with rope or tape — whatever turns on you and your partner.

Many people may have an apprehensive approach to this idea, that with weirdos stalking these dating websites.

You need to know how to separate the genuine men/women that you can get to know, from those you need to keep a good distance from.

Check out more or are familiar with BDSM, you may have heard of spreader bars.