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ZF ensures the best quality meat for distribution by purchasing well-maintained livestock from local farms in each country.This also helps the local economies of these communities by creating a space for self-sustainment.Two of the most important Islamic holidays of the year are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

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In addition, the animal sacrifice is made during the days of Eid-ul-Adha to guarantee the fresh quality of the meat.On average, one sacrificed sheep provides meat for about 10 people.At that time, Mecca was a desolate and barren desert and Abraham had to face a lot of hardships.However, he supplicated Allah's commands uncomplaining. In a divine dream, he also saw himself sacrificing his son Ishmael for Allah's sake.Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is beginning the annual Udhiya (Qurbani) campaign for the upcoming month of Dhul-ul-Hijjah.

The goal of the program is to distribute fresh meat on an international scale to families who cannot afford it in time for Eid-ul-Adha.

"Surely Abraham was an example, obedient to Allah, by nature upright, and he was not of the polytheists. When he was all prepared to do it, Allah revealed to him that his "sacrifice" had already been fulfilled.

He had shown that his love for his Lord superseded all others that he would lay down his own life or the lives of those dear to him in order to submit to God.

Allah has given us power over animals and allowed us to eat meat, but only if we pronounce His name at the solemn act of taking life.

Muslims slaughter animals in the same way throughout the year.

By saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter, we are reminded that life is sacred.