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If you are able to boot your Android device into bootloader, fastboot, download or recovery mode in its non-functioning state, it is rather soft-bricked.

Since the present tutorial is about “unbricking” a soft-bricked Galaxy S4, I would limit the topic this device only.

It _might_ work on other Seagate BA NAS models as well.

So, it’s mostly soft brick that is referred to when someone says “Alas, my phone is bricked!

” While your device cannot be recoverable if it is hard-bricked, you can bring it back to life if it is soft-bricked.

Read the following guide that will help you find the correct firmware for your Galaxy S4 and install it safely.

In case the two methods described above do not bring your Galaxy S4 to normal state, the problem is a little serious but still not out of control.

The following method is same as installing the official firmware described above, but it also involves flashing a PIT file along-with the firmware.

This file is used to re-partition the corrupt partition on Galaxy devices.

Thus, in the true sense of the word a bricked device is one that is not recoverable through normal means.

A smartphone is bricked when its flash memory is completely corrupted and as a result it is unable to boot altogether.

There are three ways to recover your Samsung Galaxy S4 if it is soft-bricked.

Bootloop is a state when your phone is not able to boot properly and it is stuck on the Bootanimation It is the commonest thing that Android users face with their phone or tablet device and this can be fixed easily by performing certain steps by booting the device into stock or custom recovery mode.

Here is our detailed guide that will help you fix bootloop on your Galaxy S4.