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However, if you're interested in origami, a good place to start is Joseph Wu's Origami Page.

Shapes involving compound curves, such as a ship's hull, are built by forming an appropriately shaped paper skin over a framework (much as a real ship is constructed.) The basic operation of paper modeling are If you can use scissors, you can build a paper model.

Only a few simple tools are necessary for constructing card models.

Many models are available as kits, with pre-printed pieces to be cut out and assembled by the modeler. Anything can be modeled in paper, but the most common subjects are buildings and vehicles.

Buildings are a very popular subject and well suited to the medium.

Aircraft and ships (both civil and military) are also popular.

Paper models can be surprisingly sturdy, and can stand up to handling well.Like thousands of others, I fell completely under the spell of this version - and was bewitched by the performances from the two leads.In particular the portrayal of Rochester from the gorgeous Toby Stephens. Only a heart of stone could fail to have been moved by his performance. For sure Watch it and weep - unless you really do have a heart of stone.The cylinders can be square or rectangular in section, as buildings usually are, or they can be round or oval, as in an aircraft fuselage.They can even be polygonal--a castle tower may have five or more sides.See full summary ยป At 10, Fanny Price, a poor relation, goes to live at Mansfield Park, the estate of her aunt's husband, Sir Thomas. But what secrets lie in his past and threaten to enter his future? Reed, portrayed the 'tenant' and Gilbert's love interest, Helen Graham.